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Surface Cleaner

Never give dirt and germs a chance. Not with the heavenly formulation of green power cleaning technology. Its lovely floral scented glory, delivers a mighty cleaning punch with naturally derived ingredients, breaks down dirt naturally. Every clean leaves nothing behind but a fresh scent and gleaming good clean. This germ-buster kills 99.999% of household germs. It’s tough on dirt and easy on surfaces.

About me

  •  multi-purpose cleaner, one for all cleaning needs
  •  tough on dirt, easy on surface!
  •  stop & kill harmful germs, nothing else*
  •  fresh after use
  •  use anytime, anywhere without worries
  •  no rinse, no mess

* as tested by TUV-PSB Singapore

Use Me

  • can be used on floors, furniture, toilet & bath.
  • for general cleaning, mix 1-2 capfuls to ½ pail of water. use cloth for surface cleaning. no need to rinse.
  • for tough cleaning, mix 1 part of product to 1-10 parts of water.
  • always test on an inconspicuous area first.

I’m Packed In

5L Bottle, 500ml Spray Bottle