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Hand Sanitizer

A non-alcohol skin friendly and safe hand sanitizer that provides protection from harmful germs. Contains aloe and specially formulated with moisturizers that leave hands feeling soft and refreshed without stickiness or residue. Use anytime, anywhere without worries.

Antiseptic Germicide

A versatile product provides all-round protection against germs. Use it to kill germs, against infections and spread of infectious disease.

Surface Cleaner

A multipurpose cleaner to clean, eliminate germs on contact, deodorize and remove dirt and grime. Gives antibacterial protections on applied areas and refreshing smells all round.

Shower Clean

Made with the little one’s delicate skin in mind. Thick, soft and moisturizing bubbles gently cleanse from head to toe and rinses clean, leaving the skin soft and nourished.

Hand Clean

A rich lathering hand wash designed for quick and effective cleaning with long-lasting protection. Enrich with moisturizer and the next thing you know your hands are soft, refresh and clean.