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Shower Clean

Use nature provide rich nutrition and water all over body and hair to cut through grime and dirt, it soothe and soften for an all-in-one shampoo and wash that will leave your child naturally clean, soft, and snuggable. Our inclusive range is suitable for use on all hair and skin types for irritation free results every time.

About me

  •  kids safe formula
  •  stop & kill harmful germs, nothing else
  •  soft lather gently cleans and easily rinses away
  •  all natural and non-toxic
  •  pH balanced to leave skin soft and hydrated
  •  suitable for on all hair and skin types.
  •  gently fresh powder scented

Use Me

  • wet hair and body. use small amount on palm or sponge.
  • gently apply on hair and whole body. lather well and rinse sufficiently with water.
  • keep me away from heat and sunlight,put me in a cool place.

I’m Packed In

5L Bottle