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Hand Sanitizer

Do you know where your hands have been? Probably better just to sanitize them and not think about it. What you should think about is what you’re cleaning with. Unless you’re already using our naturally derived hand sanitizer. Hands so clean, it’s yours to do anything.

About me

  • kids safe formula, including mommy & daddy!
  • no alcohol, non-toxic*
  • stop & kill harmful germs, nothing else*
  • moisturizes and protects your skin
  • hands feel refreshing after use
  • use anytime, anywhere without worries
  • delicious fruity scent
  • no rinse, no mess

* as tested by TUV-PSB Singapore

Use Me

  •  simply spray or dispense the liquid onto
  •  hands
  •  rub hands thoroughly, running between
  •  fingers, nails and tips
  •  no rinse needed
  •  keep me away from heat and sunlight,
  •  put me in a cool place

I’m Packed In

5L Bottle, 500ml Spray Bottle (RTU-Ready to Use)