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Hand Clean

Specially formulated to be kind and gentle on young skin and bursting with nourishing goodness, you can totally trust what you are using on the people that you love most. Not only with its fresh fruity smell, it delivers a mighty sterilizing and germicidal punch with naturally derived ingredients, stop all spread of diseases. Without ‘em(the germs), the world will be a better place.

About me

  •  kids safe formula
  •  stop & kill harmful germs, nothing else
  •  creamy lather gently cleans and easily rinses away
  •  all natural and non-toxic
  •  pH balanced to leave skin soft and hydrated
  •  gently fruity scented

Use Me

  •  dispense a small amount onto hands.
  •  rinse well with water.
  •  keep me away from heat and sunlight,  put me in a cool place.
  •  rub hands together to create a lather,  running between fingers, nails and tips.

I’m Packed In

5L Bottle