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Antiseptic Germicide

You’re in for a pleasant surprise. This unique powerhouse formulation is hard on ‘em(the germs) while easy on you. A happy place is a healthy place, at home, at work, at play or any of your favourite places. Not only with its fresh fruity smell, it delivers a mighty sterilizing and germicidal punch with naturally derived ingredients, kills 99.999% of harmful germs. Stop all spread of diseases. Without ‘em(the germs), the world will be a better place.

About me

  •  kids safe formula
  •  no alcohol, non-toxic*
  •  stop & kill harmful germs, nothing else*
  •  break chain of infection
  •  sanitize and sterilize
  •  fresh fruity scent

* as tested by TUV-PSB Singapore

Use Me

  • can be used on surface tops, mattresses, toys, dish cloth, utensils etc.
  • for general sanitizing e.g. surface tops, mattresses, dilute up to 50 parts of water, spray and wipe, no need to rinse.
  • for sterilizing e.g. toys, utensils, dilute up to 100 parts of water. soak, rinse with water and allow air dry.
  • put me in a cool place.

I’m Packed In

5L Bottle, 500ml Spray Bottle (RTU-Ready to Use)